Wine Enthusiast: Spider Man Drinks Hudson-Chatham Baco Noir!

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What the Avengers are Drinking After Infinity War

Captain America should have a glass of Château Cheval Blanc while Tony Stark sips Penfolds Grange, but what about the rest of the Avengers after their battle with Thanos and his Infinity Stones?

Avengers: Infinity War is almost here, and the Wine Enthusiast office is not immune to the Marvel blockbuster’s outsized hype. A casual lunch between the W.E. staff’s biggest comic-loving nerds turned into a sweeping discussion of what the perfect wine would be for each member of the superhero team, a debate that got so heated, pads and pens were produced, diligent notes were taken, and both diagrams and battle lines were drawn.

Spider-Man / Peter Parker

While the current iteration of Spider-Man is still a teenager (maybe stick to mocktails for now, Parker), there isn’t a wine more fitting of a kid from Queens who’s been bitten by a radioactive spider than Hudson-Chatham’s Baco Noir. Made from hybrid grapes grown in the Hudson River Valley, the 2014 vintage will drink well through 2022, when our young web-slinger will be of legal drinking age. And at an affordable retail price of $20 per bottle, it’s a fitting choice for someone struggling to make rent while working as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle.

What the Avengers are Drinking After Infinity War