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Hudson-Chatham Winery is always proud of the innovative ways we try to make our wines. Our Rose’ is no exception. Our Rose’ is made from estate grown Seyval Blanc, and a variety of red grapes. However, we do something a little different. Most rose’s are made in two main ways – using the traditional sanginee (where in red grapes are crushed and the wine often separated from the skins) or there is the very common blending of white and red wines. Those are the traditional methods.

We too approach our rose’ using a traditional European method, although not one normally associated with white or rose’ wines – we use the ripasso method. In the late 20th century, a new style of wine known as ripasso (meaning “repassed”) emerged. It was most closely associated with Vapolicella and Amarone. With this technique, the pomace of leftover grape skins and seeds from the fermentation of recioto and Amarone are added to the batch of Valpolicella wines for a period of extended maceration. The additional food source for the remaining fermenting yeast helps boost the alcohol level and body of the wines while also leaching additional tannins, glycerine and some phenolic compounds that contribute to a wine’s complexity, flavor and color. We crush red grapes to be used for a red wine, then we leave some red pressed grape skins in the press, and then press our white wine over the red skins. And then the red skins are left with the freshly pressed wine for a day or so, and then the wine is pressed again. The idea is that we infuse the white wine with color and flavor, but using a method trusted in Europe to make a wine of flavor and complexity.

Our rose’ is made from Seyval Blanc grapes grown on our estate North Creek Vineyard. We use a variety of red grape skins. The wine is aged in an older French Oak barrel, with a small amount of ullage to give our rose’ a more earthy, orange tone, adding to the complexity of flavors. An orange-salmon pink wine, clean and crystal clear in the glass. Strawberries, honeysuckle, and cream are all part of the nose. The strawberries and tropical fruit comes across on the palate, with hints of mineral and lime. Great acidity. A nice, dry, zesty ending makes for a zesty, refreshing finish.

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As expected the home team is digging the Hudson-Chatham “orange” rosé. Elusive earthy strawberry aromatics, fun textural ride from a soft wide sweet ride that dissolves into juicy astringency that lingers into a liquor like trance and begs for a bite to eat, or another sip. Thanks for the sample Carlo DeVito. Highly recommended. – Todd Trzaskos of the New York Cork Report