WAMC Ralph Gardner Jr. Drinks Hudson-Chatham at Ghent Community Dinner

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Ralph Gardner Jr: Enjoying Dinner With Our Community

  FEB 24, 2018

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community members dine at Eat Here Ghent community dinner


Here’s some advice if you’ve been invited to a community dinner. Get there early. By the time we wandered in halfway through Eat Here Ghent, an event last Sunday afternoon to celebrate the farms and farmers of Ghent, NY, a town with a thriving local food scene in Columbia County, much of the feast had been consumed.

That’s not to suggest we went home hungry….

There must be similar stories of a nucleus of farms, restaurants and enthusiastic consumers cropping up in communities throughout the Hudson Valley and perhaps the nation as a whole. As dysfunction only seems to grow at the national level, that old mantra — think globally, act locally – seems more urgent than ever.

So what is it about Ghent, NY, that a single, rural town could produce a thriving local food and agriculture scene and a menu that ranged from Goat Meat and Oyster mushroom Bolognese over Penne, made by Woven Stars Farm, to an estate red and white supplied by Hudson-Chatham Winery? To be honest, I’m not sure. But it starts with people with vision, bolstered by a community that prizes their efforts and is willing to support them.


A nice mention…thank you M. Gardner and WAMC.

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