Ghent Blush

placeholder-wine-bottleGhent is a town in Columbia County, New York, United States, with a population was 5,402 at the 2010 census. Ghent is northeast of the City of Hudson. Hudson-Chatham Winery is located on Route 66, half way between Hudson, N.Y. and Chatham, N.Y.

Around 1735, early settlers, exploiting areas cleared by the natives, moved into the area. In 1818, the Town of Ghent was founded from parts of the Towns of Chatham, Claverack, and Kinderhook. The name has its origin in the Flemish city Ghent, in Flanders, Belgium. Located at Ghent is the historic Van Valkenburgh-Isbister Farm, added to the National Register of Historic Place, in 2006.

Ghent Blush is made from Catawba. Catawba is a red American grape variety used for wine as well as juice, jams and jellies. Grown predominantly on the East Coast of the United States, this purplish-red grape is a likely cross of the native American Vitis labrusca and Vitis vinifera. Its exact origins and parentage are unclear but it seems to have originated somewhere on the East coast from the Carolinas to Maryland.

Catawba played an important role in the early history of American wine. During the early to mid-19th century, it was the most widely planted grape variety in the country and was the grape behind Nicholas Longworth’s acclaimed Ohio sparkling wines that were distributed as far away as California and Europe.

The exact origins and parentage of the Catawba grape are unclear.While most sources agree that Major John Adluum was growing the variety at his nursery in Georgetown, Washington, D.C by at least 1823, where he got the cuttings of the vine is unknown with two widowed Maryland women given attribution by different writers. Wine writer Bern Ramey and University of California-Davis viticulture professor Lloyd A. Lider credit Mrs. J. Johnston of Fredericktown, Marylannd who wrote to Adlum and said while her late husband always called the grapes “Catawba”, she did know where he got the original vines from.

This pink, semi-sweet rose’ is one of our most popular wines. The aromas and flavors of strawberries and fresh grapes combine to produce a deliciously refreshing and sweet, yet crisp wine. Fantastic when served will chilled or even over ice! Great with spicy cuisines like BBQ, Mexican, Thai, or Indian foods.