Seyval Blanc Block 1 North Creek Vineyards


Seyval Blanc is  the most popularly grown white grape in the Hudson Valley. A hybrid wine grape variety used to make white a variety of light wines, its vines ripen early, are productive and are suited to fairly cool climates.[1]Seyval blanc is grown mainly in England, the United States east coast especially in New England, New York and don through Virginia. Seyval Blanc was created either by Bertille Seyve, or his son-in-law Villard, as a cross of Seibel 5656 and Rayon d’Or (Seibel 4986), and was used to create the hybrid grape St. Pepin. Seyval Blanc has a characteristic citrus element in the aroma and taste, as well as a minerality. When done in stainless steel, it is very much like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. When done it oak it may be compared to white Burgundy.

Made from grapes grown in the Block 1 section of our estate vineyard – North Creek Vineyard – this exceptional wine is made using only 100% Seyval Blanc grown right here. We grow and train our Seyval Blanc like vinifera. Each plant is trained on VSP, and gets touched ten to twelve times a year. The vines get leaf pulling, crop thinning, and netting to keep them protected from wild life. After free run pressing, the wine is inoculated with Burgundy yeasts, and gets aged in French and American oak. The resulting wine is an incredible, light white wine filled with river stone mineral overtones, and dry, lemony finish. This is a fine wine and has already achieved a kind of cult status. As with all our estate fruits, the wine is harvested by hand and pressed by hand in a 100 year old press. It’s done in the style of a fume blanc, and goes great with clams, oysters, shellfish, any kind of seafood, cheeses, chicken, all kinds of appetizers and salads.

“The 2010 Seyval Blanc Block 1 North Creek Vineyard rewards its single vineyard bottling and (short) oak ageing quite magnificently. Rather than adding that familiar taste of vanilla, either the oak – or perhaps it’s the “Ghent terroir” – delivers some custard qualities that fill out the grape’s typically bright acidity and green citrus notes which, along with a floral texture that I hadn’t registered with the everyday Seyval Blanc at the bottom of the winery’s price chain, creates what is, without doubt, the best Seyval Blanc I have tasted. It’s to the wine’s additional credit that I don’t feel tempted to just compare it to a Sauvignon Blanc or some other cool climate white grape; this felt very much like its own creation. Truly delicious, with a refreshingly long finish, I suspect it might be too subtle for some tastes, but I will definitely be back for more.”” – Tony Fletcher, iJamming

“Another Seyval Blanc to tell you about before the 2011 vintage comes out. The 2010 Hudson-Chatham Block 1, North Creek Vineyards was Estate Grown and Bottled had a strong nose of citrus. A palate of soft banana with citrus and lime flavors with a tart finish that jumps out at you and lingers.  As the wine warms up a bit the lime flavors become more prominent. If you notice the color of the wine is a bit more yellowish than I’m use to with this type of varietal.  Usually Seyval is more clear with hints of a yellow and a greenish ting. But in any event, the color did not effect the wine.  It was what I expected.” – Debbie Gioquindo, The Hudson Valley Wine Goddess