Paladian White Dessert Wine

  Palladian White –Palladian windows are among the most classic structures of elegant homes in the Hudson-Valley since the Rev olutionary War. While they were often a symbol of affluence, they also let in beautiful light, and the spectacular views that later became the inspiration of the Hudson River School of landscape painting. The main […]

Paperbirch Three Barrel Select Fino

Paperbirch Three Barrel Select Fino is a dry sherry-style wine with the same subtle notes as the Amber Cream, but not nearly as sweet. We select wines form the best three barrels in our 20 barrel sherry solera, and combine them after extensive taste trials. Rich, complex and incredible well balanced, this dry sherry is […]

Bannerman’s Castle Amber Cream

Bannerman’s Castle Amber Cream – Named after the famed castle-remains of the old munitions manufacturer, a landmark on the Hudson River, our Amber Cream is made in the grand tradition of the great sherries of the world. The wines are housed n a 20 barrel solera. Paperbirch uses the solera method to age our wines […]


  Paperbirch Cassis is a hand grown, hand picked, unfiltered, unfined, hand made wine. Berries are set in large tanks, and blended with sugar and yeast and hand turned twice a day with a large stainless steel punch, and large cheese paddle to ensure even mixing, for a period of two to four months. This is […]

Raspberry Ruby

Raspberry Ruby

  Raspberry Fine Ruby – Our award winning Raspberry Fine Ruby is made from our fine aged ports, which are then blended with a small amount of red raspberry dessert wine. The final product is an aromatic fine port, with fresh, bright notes of raspberry, but with the classic structure and backbone of port. A […]

Highlands Fine Ruby

  Highlands Fine Ruby – Our Highland’s Fine Ruby is made from hand-picked grapes grown in the Hudson Highlands of the river valley. These grapes are made into a rich, purple wine, which we turn into a deep, dark, big port. With hints of blackberry and plum, this jammy wine has 18% alcohol. Great with […]

Awards & Reviews

Paperbirch HIGHLANDS FINE RUBY Silver – NY Food & Wine Classic ‘09 Bronze – Hudson Valley Wine & Grape Association ‘09 Bronze – New York State Fair Wine Competition ‘09 Paperbirch RASPBERRY FINE RUBY Gold – New York State Fair Wine Competition ‘08 Silver – Hudson Valley Wine & Grape Assoc. ‘08 Paperbirch PALLADIAN WHITE […]

Paperbirch – Story

Paperbirch dessert wines are a series of small-production, high-quality, hand-blended wines. Paperbirch’s portfolio of wines features only artisnal ports, sherries, and other dessert wine products. All are made from the highest-quality, hand-picked New York state grapes and fruits, focusing mostly on the highest quality fruits available in the Hudson River Region. Our ports are made […]