Black Currant Caviar


Hudson-Chatham Black Currant Caviar

In 2002 Hudson-Chatham’s winemaker Stephen J. Casscles worked with Greg Quinn, of the Hudson Valley, to overturn a 100-year ban on the growing of black currants in New York state. Quinn was the passionate driver in this quest. Black currants had been run out of the state by the logging industry at the turn of the previous century when it was discovered they served as intermediate hosts of blister rust, a disease destructive to white pine, a staple of the logging industry. Over the years research proved that certain conditions had to exist for this to be true, and new, disease resistant berries were introduced many years later. Quinn worked with Steve McKay of Cornell Extension and Casscles to overturn the ban. Since then currants have taken off. The Hudson Valley is now the No. 1 producer of artisanal cassis in North America, and black and red currants are blended into many popular and healthy fruit juices.

Hudson-Chatham Black Currant Caviar, made right here in Hudson, NY, is a fantastic thick black currant conserve that goes great with fresh farmstead hand crafted Hudson Valley artisnal cheeses. This rich, black, jammy spread is chock-a-block with whole fresh berries, and deliciously tart as ever. Great to pair with many of your favorite cheeses.